• Offering layout and DTP services for translated documents, so that they are ready to use effectively. Usually, the original document layout/format is maintained.
  • Editing/processing documents according to the customers' documentation needs, if the customers request a more appealing layout or file output in a different output.
  • The use of our documentation services in combination with "Technical Translation" and "Technical Interpretation" services is recommended to improve lead time efficiency.
  • For details of the services, please visit each relevant page.



Design, data digitalization/processing/editing, documentation, DTP, drawing drafting, scanning, video translation, website creation, audio transcription, CD/DVD production/reproduction, printing/bookbinding, etc.

Our documentation services are available to meet the following customer needs.

  • Preparation of a product catalog/brochure when no concrete ideas have yet been formulated.
  • Redesign of an existing draft for the intended use and preparation of a document in a foreign language.
  • Digitization of a hand-written or paper-based document.
  • Preparation of a document using an application different from that used for the original document.
  • Outsourcing the revision of an existing instruction manual to reduce workload.
  • Changing of the layout of figures/tables in a document and saving of the document in a different format.
  • Processing of drawings/photos.
  • Preparation of drawings in a foreign language.
  • Preparation of DVDs in a foreign language
  • Preparation manuals containing video clips.
  • Creation of websites in a foreign language.
  • Recording of meetings/lectures and preparation of meeting/lecture minutes in multiple languages.
  • Documentation of interpreted meetings/lectures for storage.
  • Distribution of a translated manuscript in CD, DVD, or book format.
  • Saving of data in a medium, e.g. CD or DVD, and reproduction as required.
  • Delivery of a printed and bound document to the specified address.
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