Technical Interpretation

  • Specializing in industrial and technical interpretation services.
  • Conducting interviews to facilitate optimum solutions to meet customers' interpretation needs.
  • Optimizing interpretation performance through close coordination between the customer and the interpreter via the project manager.
  • For after-sales support, collecting customer comments and feedback after service delivery to further improve the quality of service.
  • The use of our interpretation services in combination with technical translation and documentation services is recommended. Our one-stop solution covers the translation and preparation of materials for meetings/lectures to be interpreted, as well as the subsequent creation of meeting/lecture minutes. For details, please visit the pages of "Technical Translation" and "Documentation".



Semiconductor equipment (CMP systems and gas abatement systems), blowers, environment, water/sewage treatment technology, food processing machinery, etc.

Service Categories

Attendant services, exhibitions (bilingual assistant), meetings, workshops, lectures, training sessions, audit sessions, etc.


English, Chinese (Mandarin, Shanghainese, and Taiwanese), and Korean

Flow of Transactions

Flow of Transactions

For other fields, service categories, or languages, please feel free to inquire.

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