Multi-language Video Production

  • The multi-language video production service is exclusively designed to record exhibited products, displayed items, demonstrations, and the atmosphere of booths at exhibitions; recordings are intended for use as promotional tools.
  • Product quality is reliable. Our professional staff records and produces videos using professional equipment.
  • Project managers reliably handle the project for the date of the video shooting by paying timely attention. Managers carefully respond to various matters ranging from the contents of the video to technical challenges.
  • Recorded images are edited into 1-, 3- or 5-minute videos. A concentrated, short video shooting and a minimum video editing allow for production of effective contents at a reasonable price.
  • This service can produce Japanese and non-Japanese (English or Chinese) versions of a video at the same time. After making an initial Japanese version, the service provides for script translation, dubbing/voice-over translation, narration recording by voice actors.


Flow of Transactions

Flow of Transactions

Exhibition Video Package (1-, 3-, 5-min.)    *Available only in Japan

What is the Exhibition Video Package service?
This service is designed for exhibition organizers.

This service is designed to help exhibition organizers who wish to provide a new service for benefit of the exhibitors. 
Why don't you include our multi-language video production as an optional service for your exhibitions?

This packaged service requires a minimum order of 10 exhibitors per exhibition.  Video length may be determined by each exhibitor.

  • Do you want to enhance the contents of exhibitions?
  • Do you want to attract more exhibitors and provide more services for them?
  • Do you want your exhibition to be regarded as international?
  • Do you have a shortage of manpower?

An exhibition is an opportunity to record on film the state and operation of a product not normally able to be captured.

The recording can then be converted into a video for customers who do not visit the exhibition.

Kontechs has developed a multi-language video production service for exhibition/event organizers, putting to use our extended knowledge of translation of industrial, machining equipment, and environmental technologies.

Minimum shooting and editing by professionals
Addition of foreign language captions
Minimum price: 70,000 JPN (consumption tax included)


  • Length of video: 1, 3 or 5 minutes
  • Minimum editing (cutting of unnecessary shots)
  • Opening and end titles can be inserted (with company logo.)
  • Foreign language captions (English, Chinese, or Korean), limited by number of characters and duration, are included in the packaged fee.
  • Editing with simple effects (fade in/out effect, etc.)
  • On-site sound with no modification

The following asterisked (*) items are optional services.  The exhibitors may request them when placing an order.

Foreign language narration/voice-over/subtitle translation service from the Japanese version

Insertion of separately prepared BGM

Modification of recorded on-site sound

■ Merit 1

Cost-efficient and supports multiple languages!

1-, 3-, and 5-minute videos with captions in Japanese, English, Chinese, or Korean are produced for international use.  The minimum cost of video production is 70,000 yen.

■ Merit 2

Provides web solutions!

Videos are available in digitized form.  The data can be uploaded to the client's video server and used for subsequent promotion/marketing to potential customers other than exhibition visitors.

■ Merit 3

Improves exhibitor satisfaction!

Booths, exhibition materials, and exhibited products, as well as the exhibition venue and visitors are all included in the video.  The video contents serve as a promotion/marketing tool for exhibitors.

* The deadline for orders is two months before the first day of each exhibition.


Flow of video production


The flow of video production for the exhibition video package (1-, 3-, and 5-min., basic specifications) is outlined below.
* All images below are examples.


(1) Opening: Company name and logo


(2) Prologue: Video title, panoramic view of the venue, entrance area, and atmosphere of the exhibition


(3) Exhibitor's booth (prologue): Panoramic view/atmosphere of the booth and interaction with visitors


(4) Exhibitor's booth (exhibited products): According to customer request (main products, panels, etc.)


(5) Ending: Company name and logo



Convenient and cost-efficient package and optional services

Exhibition video package

For video production, scene configurations and renderings that meet client needs are important.  At the same time, the cost of video production is of great concern.  Video production is typically expensive, but attractive videos can be created at low cost by defining carefully specifying the objects to be shot.  Focusing on exhibition video shooting, we offer a cost-efficient and satisfactory package of necessary and sufficient video shooting services.

Details and fees

Three types of exhibition video package are available.  The package can be customized by adding optional services.
* The service may be canceled if the number of applications does not reach ten.

We may also serve as a contact for applications.  If required, please feel free to inquire.


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