• Technical Translation
    Kontechs specializes in industrial and technical fields including, but not limited to, machinery, manufacturing, semiconductors, hydraulic pressure and pneumatics, and environment. Through conversations with our clients, we are committed to provide high-quality translation service.
  • Technical Interpretation
    The world of technology is no exception where precise expressions and effortless, pleasant communications are essential to revitalize business and build mutual trust on both sides. Kontechs offers our interpretation services at many occasions including factory tours, technical trainings, technical presentations, and business meetings.
  • Japanese Proofreading
    When submitting documents to your Japanese customers, articulate and lucid technical documents will help enhance your firm’s credibility and earn trusts from your customers. Our Japanese native-speaking proofreaders offer grammar correction services.


  • Technical Translation
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  • Technical Interpretation
  • Native Proofreading
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Corporate Philosophy: The power of teamwork and wisdom yields excellence and innovation  The words express the spirit of our enterprise: strong teamwork, striving for innovations and creative ideas shall produce new values.  We believe our work contributes to positive changes in society and will provide for a better future for all of us.
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