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Message from CEO

Expanding Your Global Presence – Supporting Future Technologies

In recent years, technological advantage is no longer the only factor for companies to be selected in competitive marketplaces. When outsourcing their important R&D projects, clients select companies that can ensure stable overall service quality, including not only technological, but also human support. This is the very reason that I place emphasis on training of all our employees irrespective of their career and experience.

Since its foundation as an engineering service provider in October 1983, Kontechs has served our clients, mainly research institutes and leading machinery manufacturers, in their technological development. In the turbo machinery field, we have supported client projects by designing and planning tests, designing, manufacturing, and assembling test equipment and fixtures, and conducting tests using the designed equipment. We also dispatch skilled engineers/technicians to flexibly support our clients’ diverse projects, and offer technical translation and interpretation services to help enhance the presence of Japan brands in the global market. We leverage our technical advantage and responsiveness to further develop Kontechs as a true go-to company for our clients.

Our corporate philosophy can be summed up with the motto, “The power of teamwork and wisdom yields excellence and innovation,” which clearly communicates the professional spirit handed down over 35 years from the founder. This spirit means that the work we do together by exercising our ingenuity and wisdom creates new value, which can make positive changes in society and a better future. We will continue to hand this spirit down to new generations through our company training.

Looking ahead, by enriching the technical capability and character of our young employees as they take on the challenge of a borderless world, we will step up our efforts to contribute as fully as possible to the development of regional economies as well as the Japanese manufacturing industries.

Kontechs Corporate Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Love is a source of passion, creativity, and happiness.

Corporate Philosophy

The impressive power of teamwork and wisdom allows us to achieve excellence and innovation, which create new value and contribute to society.

Corporate Goal/Business Objectives

We strive to make our services and products ever more attractive to provide convenience and comfort to our clients.

As partners in sharing inspiring experiences, we aim to create a company full of hope; we endeavor to make dreams come true and provide opportunities for achieving happiness.

We contribute to the enhancement of the corporate values of our clients by providing user friendly, technologically advanced, value-added proposals, services, and products.

We expand our business and return profits to our employees, society, and the company appropriately.