Translation Service

High-quality Technical Translations by Experienced Professionals.

Kontechs, started as a mechanical engineering service provider, keeps a number of in-house engineers. In addition, through our long-term business relationships with a number of leading machinery manufacturers, we have accumulated the resources for industrial and technical translation. By using these resources, our translation team members have deepened their knowledge about industrial technology, providing the base for producing high quality technical translations. In fact, our in-house translators are not only expert in industrial and technical translations, but make continuous efforts to produce more specific and accurate translations by, for example, visiting real production sites to directly learn about industrial products and technologies.

Translation Service

Kontechs focuses on technical translation service as a reliable communication partner of manufacturers seeking business opportunities around the world. Supported Language pairs include English/Japanese, Chinese/Japanese, Korean/Japanese, and many others.

In our technical translations, we make sure to take the basic approach of fully understanding the meaning of source texts with full consciousness of the intended purpose of the document before translating into the target language. We take “Double check system by a team of highly qualified translators and checkers” to ensure high-quality translations for our clients.

We actively use Computer Assisted Translation tools such as SDL Trados to effectively prepare translated texts maintaining consistency of terms and phrases to complete high-quality translation in a short period.

Translation Flow

Proofreading by Native Proofreaders (Optional)

Professional native proofreaders make translated texts more fluent and intuitive for native speakers.

This optional process is recommended for translations of official or public documents, documents of high specialty, and documents for general public.

(E.g. technical/academic papers, contracts, websites, advertisements, official letters, written announcements, catalogs, promotional materials.)

Layout Adjustment (Optional)

Layout adjustment services are available to fit the layout of a translated document with the original document layout/format or create a new layout/format specified by the client. Translating Japanese into other languages may result in an increase in the number of characters. In such cases, the size of text and images must be adjusted to fit with the layout of the original data. We handle various data formats including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, and Photoshop.

Service Flow