Supported Languages, Document Types, etc.

Supported Languages

English, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Burmese, Indonesian, etc.

Document Types

Technical Documents for Industrial Use

User manuals, product guides, work procedures, specifications, delivery specifications, estimated product specifications, manufacturing specifications, purchase specifications, system flowcharts, installation instructions, trial run instructions, operation check lists, system instructions, assembly instructions, work instructions, technical sheets, technical standards, technical regulations, test procedures, engineering notices, equipment lists, equipment labels, evaluation criteria, program operation guidelines, construction schedules, construction process flowcharts, operation screens, patent specifications, MSDS, inspection guidelines, mill test reports, inspection reports, evaluation charts, inspection check sheets, inspection results, operation reports, manufacturing drawing inspection reports, investigation reports, engineering responses, inspection procedures, repair tables, academic/technical papers, questionnaires, lecture summaries, conference presentation drafts and posters, company standards, lecture materials, company technical papers, newspaper articles, practices, proposals, narration scripts

Legal and Contract Documents

Subcontract agreements, non-disclosure agreements, articles of association, approvals of stock transfer, applications of stock transfer, Immigration documents, board meeting minutes, succession right statements, incorporation-type company split statements, certificates of full registry records, donation rules, visa application related documents, lease contracts, resident cards

Management, Labor, Education and Training Related Documents

Training schedules, qualifying examination programs, company safety codes, safety notices, company information, compliance education materials, operation management rules, employee training materials, accounting manuals, resumes

Marketing and Public Relations Documents

Website contents, company brochures, product pamphlets, product catalogs, press releases, exhibition panels, presentation materials, newspaper advertisements, business proposals, speech scripts, symposium handouts, new technology introductions, product highlights, exhibitor rules

Our Specialized Fields

Industrial/manufacturing machinery, hydraulic/pneumatic equipment, semiconductor equipment, chillers, blowers, automobiles, energy/nuclear power, environment, water/sewage treatment technology, material science, new material engineering, measurement instruments/techniques, test equipment/techniques, etc.

Examples of Past Translation Projects

Technical paper Japanese to English Machine manufacturer
Technical paper German to Japanese Machine manufacturer
Reports Japanese to English Machine manufacturer
User manual Japanese to English Machine manufacturer
Contract Japanese to English Machine manufacturer
Business rules Japanese to English Trading company
Company regulation English to Japanese Machine manufacturer
Patent specification English to Japanese Patent office
Training materials English to Korean Machine manufacturer
Website articles Japanese to English University
Presentation materials Japanese to English Incorporated association