Mechanical Engineering Services

Kontechs offers mechanical engineering services that quickly develop your ideas or sketches into specific designs.

Our engineers will help you speed up your R&D processes of industrial machinery.

機械技術サービスWe often hear complaints from researchers and developers managing mechanical engineering service development projects, such as: ”We have an idea, but no time to turn it into a specific design.”, “We want to discuss the validity of the current concept with outside specialists.”, “We want to speed up the project, but have few technicians who understand it well.” Kontechs provides an integrated service to support customer projects such as design, manufacture, and assembly of experimental equipment and fixtures, and experiments using the equipment, in the turbo machinery and semiconductor manufacturing equipment fields. We work closely with clients to thoroughly discuss your concept before turning the idea into a “specific design.”

Mechanical Design and Drawing

Kontechs develops your idea into a specific design through direct dialog with your engineers. In the process, our engineers will make specific proposals.

Kontechs has undertaken design and manufacture of experimental equipment and mass production fixtures, as well as various kinds of mechanical design such as bearings and sound insulation cases. We use 3D CAD (SolidWorks) and 2D CAD (Auto-CAD) to convert concept designs into specific designs.

Design and Manufacture of Exhibition and Demonstration Models

Kontechs also provides exhibition models. We manufacture exhibition models based on the drawings prepared using simplified models. Such simplified models of machine products that people can see and touch directly will help them to understand and realize the mechanical functionality.

Manufacture of Experimental Equipment and Fixtures

Kontechs customizes experimental equipment required for R&D. While making specific proposals on the concepts of the equipment and fixtures provided by the customer, our engineers will transform them into specific designs for manufacture.

Experimental equipment sometimes requires measurement hardware, such as measuring instruments and sensors, as well as programs controlling them in an integral manner. Kontechs is also able to provide an integrated service that includes selection of equipment, preparation of the control program, experiments using the manufactured equipment and fixtures, and collection of data.

Examples of Past Projects

Manufacture and installation of experimental equipment for university laboratories

Manufacture of experimental equipment for machine manufacturers

Preparation of experimental programs for machine manufacturers

Manufacture of experimental equipment, experiments using the equipment, and analysis of the experimental data for machine manufacturers