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Rates for one interpreter (excluding tax)

Level Interpretation rates (JP Yen, excluding tax) Interpretation skill Example of supported events
Half day
(Four working hours)
Full day
(Eight working hours)

(Every 30 minutes)

Professional (Business, professional level) 85,000+ 120,000+ 9,375+ Capable of flexibly responding to unscripted discussions or speeches in highly specialized fields. Simultaneous, whispered, or consecutive interpretation. International conferences, seminars, symposiums, courtesy visits by ministers, factory and facility audits, financial results briefings, stockholders’ meetings, board meetings
Intermediate (Business, intermediate level) 56,000+ 80,000+ 6,250+ Capable of interpreting technical discussions or speeches 70% scripted and 30% unscripted, requiring specialized knowledge.

Consecutive or whispered interpretation.

Seminars, business meetings, factory and facility inspections, technical trainings

(Business, basic level)

50,000+ 3,907+ Capable of interpreting discussions or speeches 70% scripted, not requiring much specialized knowledge.
Consecutive interpretation.
Business meetings, seminars
Escort 35,000+ 2,735+ Conversational English
Consecutive interpretation
Exhibition booth attendance, receptions

Guideline for Determining Number of Interpreters

Simultaneous interpretation Two or three →(Example) Two interpreters alternate every 15 minutes at an international conference.
Consecutive interpretation One or two → depending on the number of listeners

Definition of Service Types

Half day service Four binding hours (Treated as full day service if a lunch break (12:00 to 13:00) is in-between.)
Full day service Eight binding hours (seven actual working hours)
Overtime service If binding hours exceed eight hours, overtime is charged for every 30 minutes at a 25% higher rate.

Cancellation Fees

Cancellation fees are applicable from 8 days’ notice including the first day of the service on a business day basis.

Notification timing 8 days’ notice 7 days’ notice 6 days’ notice 5 days’ notice
Cancellation fee (% of quotation) 25% 50% 75% 100%

Preparatory Meeting Fee

If a preparatory meeting attended by interpreters is required before the service date, the following rates are charged.

Within four binding hours 50% of the half day interpretation service rate
Exceeding four binding hours 50% of the full day interpretation service rate

Transportation Expenses

Actual expenses are charged.

Lodging Expenses

Depending on the service location or time, interpreters may need to stay the night before or after the service. Quotations will be provided as necessary.

Arrangement of hotels will be discussed as necessary.

Services Outside Japan

Services are available outside Japan. Quotations will be provided upon request.