Interpretation Service

Kontechs provides highly professional, fully-managed interpretation services.

Trust us even if you have never used this kind of service. Up until the time of the service, our coordinator will assist you with end-to-end service from checking your requirements to making proposals, holding preparatory meetings, arranging interpretation equipment, and collecting materials. Our coordinator will join you onsite to support you when the service is provided in Tokyo’s 23 wards or Kanagawa Prefecture.

Interpretation Service

Our interpreters will help you smoothly communicate with people from abroad in company training sessions, seminars, and negotiations in business meetings and trade shows. Before the time of the service, our coordinator will closely work with you to select the interpretation style most suitable for your purpose, from simultaneous, whispered, or consecutive interpretation. (Early arrangement of interpreters is recommended for services in the peak season of November.)

Interpretation Styles

Simultaneous Interpretation

Interpreters speak in the target language while listening to the speakers. They work from a dedicated booth for simultaneous interpretation, and require special equipment such as microphones and earpieces. This style of interpretation is suited to large-scale events such as seminars and panel discussions because the interpreters’ voices can be heard by many listeners in real-time through receivers or headphones.

Whispered Interpretation

The interpreter translates and whispers what’s being said in near real-time to one or two listeners. This style of interpretation is suitable for dining meetings or business negotiations.

Consecutive Interpretation

The interpreter listens to what was said then interprets. This style of interpretation ensures that the listeners fully understand what was said, but takes longer than simultaneous interpretation because of pauses in conversation during interpretation.

Service Flow